Get Involved

Are you a solicitor who would like to offer your skills and time to the Centre?

The Free Legal Advice Centre delivers pro bono legal services to members of the public who are otherwise unable to access legal advice. In offering this service, Diploma students are given the opportunity to take part in hands-on legal work for the benefit of the wider community, whilst putting their legal skills into practice, often for the first time.    

A commitment to pro bono work is extremely rewarding, but just as rewarding is the huge personal satisfaction you will have in contributing to the education of our students.  They will be inspired by your knowledge and professionalism and you, in turn, will gain great satisfaction from supervising those who want to learn.

To find out more about what volunteering with the Free Legal Advice Centre involves, please contact Rebecca Samaras, Diploma Director at or Keren Conway, Centre Coordinator at


Student Advisers: All Diploma students will be involved as Student Advisers. This role forms part of the assessed course, Professional Skills and Responsibility.

If you are a Diploma student looking for more experience, there may be an opportunity for you to take on another case later in the Diploma year. Please let us know if this is the case by contacting the Centre at or speaking to the Centre coordinator or administrator.

Committee and Operations Team: Students undertaking the Diploma are encouraged to volunteer for a position on either the Student Committee or the Operations Team. Applications for these roles open near the beginning of each academic year with more information being provided on each role during Foundation Skills week. Positions are awarded following a successful interview.