First blog post of 2019!


The Free Legal Advice Centre Committee would like to take a look back at all FLAC has achieved in the first 6 months of the academic year.



The semester started off with the Committee’s first fundraiser, a Halloween pub quiz! The night, hosted at Cabaret Voltaire was a great success with around 60 in attendance. Huge efforts were made to dress up, including a Scooby Doo Gang and a snail! Thank you to businesses such as Nandos and Frankensteins who made generous donations for the raffle.

A total of £322 was raised between ticket sales and the raffle. Thanks again to all those who attended, a great start to the semester!



In November the Committee decided to host a bake sale. Students had classes running until 9pm on a Tuesday and Wednesday evening, so what better opportunity to raise spirits with cake!

Thank you to all those who baked delicious treats including chocolate brownies and lemon drizzle cake. We managed to raise a total of £109.08.

The Great Legal Bake Sale 2019 is coming from February 25th to 1st March 2019 so there is sure to be more baking to come!


We couldn’t resist hosting a Christmas jumper day on the last teaching day of the semester! Thank you to all of those who were looking festive at our criminal lecture and for donating £1. We raised £53.50 in total.

Total raised in 2018: £484.58


What is coming up in 2019?

  • The Great Legal Bake Sale.

We will be taking part on Tuesday 26th of Feb.

  • Bingo night

The final fundraising event for students will be a themed bingo night hosted on the 7th of March. You can look forward to a further blog post on our success, including pictures of course.

  • Diploma Ball

Students will be celebrating the end of teaching with a ball on the 29th of March. The committee are going to take the opportunity to host another raffle. All donations are welcome!


  • Since the end of April 2018 the Centre has received approximately 600 enquiries.
  • This academic year the Centre has taken on 96 clients, with 9 confirmed appointments in the next few weeks.
  • 50 of those clients have received closure letters.

Thank you to all the students helping to run the Centre, especially the Operations Team. We are all very proud of what the Centre has achieved thus far, and look forward to continued success in 2019!



Fundraising for FLAC – Quiz Night!

On Thursday 8th December, we held a FLAC Quiz Night at Bar 50 with general knowledge and legal questions to test our students, supervising solicitors, tutors and the public. This was a very successful event where we managed to raise a total of £152.08 in aid of the Free Legal Advice Centre. Our FLAC Committee would like to thank everyone who came along and took part in the pub quiz. The Committee are now working hard to organise our next fundraising event so watch our News section for more details.


The Big Leap Abseil Completed

The Big Leap Abseil took place on Sunday 18th September and our team of Rebecca Samaras (ECPLS Director), Katy Hood (Free Legal Advice Centre Administrator) and David Murphy (Previous Student Director of the Free Legal Advice Centre) took on this challenge!


What better way to spend a Sunday morning than getting strapped into a harness, climbing up to the 14th floor of the David Hume Tower and taking that big step off the side of a building! The team met bright and early, full of nerves and excitement, to sign in and meet the Big Leap team to find out more about the challenge ahead of them. With several familiar faces in the crowd, and even a banner of support, the team took the lift to the top of the building. Much like Noah’s Ark, the abseilers went two at a time to climb the scaffolding to the edge of the building. With introductions and words of encouragement from the professional abseiling team and the commentator, we built up our courage to lean back, straighten out our legs and step off the ledge.


Thankfully it was a pleasant morning in George Square with the weather holding out for us as we walked our way down the building (without looking down!). Rebecca was the first brave abseiler in the team, and even done a wee twirl on the way down to have a look at all of the supporters on the ground level!


Next up was Katy and David. With our final good lucks to each other at the top, we nervously leapt down and walked down the building. David being the braver of the two was effortlessly leaping down, with a double handed wave to everyone half way through, and with the adrenaline pumping Katy started to quickly shuffle down. Just over two minutes later and we were at the bottom, pale-faced and very relieved!


Together with Simone Duffy at the Edinburgh Law School, we have raised over £1,000 for the Free Legal Advice Centre. We are still warmly welcoming donations at our JustGiving page. Thank you to everyone who has donated to our cause and came along on the morning to support us. All of the funds raised will go towards the Free Legal Advice Centre to help us continue to provide legal advice and assistance the local community of Edinburgh.










The 141 Feet Drop – Fundraising for FLAC!

T-Minus 5 DAYS (!!) until Rebecca Samaras, ECPLS Director, and Katy Hood, FLAC Administrator, take on the Big Leap Challenge and abseil 141 feet down the University of Edinburgh’s David Hume Tower. The anticipation and fear is running high in the Free Legal Advice Centre’s office with the days quickly flying by to Sunday 18th September when this event will take place. We would very much appreciate all of the support and encouragement we can get as  prepare ourselves for the jump (or push!). To find out more information about this event, please click link. All donations will go to the Free Legal Advice Centre and help us continue to support the local community of Edinburgh and also provide practical education for our Diploma students. We have not quite yet reached our fundraising target so please help us out and donate at our JustGiving Page.  Thank you to those who have already donated to our page – it is greatly appreciated.


You can also come and support us on the day and watch us descend the 141 feet down the university’s tallest building. We have an approximate time slot of 10.20am on Sunday 18th September 2016 where three of us who are fundraising for the Free Legal Advice Centre will take our turn. We hope that friendly faces on the day will help ease the nerves and encourage us to get to the ground!

big leap

Re-opening of the Free Legal Advice Centre

We look forward to welcoming our  Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Legal Practice students next week. With this new set of students comes a new semester of the Free Legal Advice Centre.


The Centre will be reopening on Monday 3rd October at the Outreach Building, 9B Holyrood Road, Edinburgh. However, we are now fully booked for our opening date. The next batch of available appointments is on Monday 10th October at 6pm or 7pm.


To book a fact-finding appointment with us please call our Freephone number 0800 073 0150 and leave us a voicemail or email

The Big Leap Abseil

Our fundraising for the Free Legal Advice Centre is continuing and the Big Leap Abseil is fast approaching!

Both the ECPLS Director, Rebecca Samaras, and the FLAC Administrator, Katy Hood, are taking part in this event. We aim to raise a total of £300 for the Centre to ensure we can continue our work of helping the local community of Edinburgh with our free legal advice and assistance.

The Big Leap Abseil will take place on Sunday 18th September, with both our members having an allotted time of approximately 10.20am. If you are free on this day, please feel free to come along to the David Hume Tower at the University of Edinburgh to cheer on our participants as they embark on their 141 feet abseil.

All donations are warmly welcomed and can be provided at our JustGiving page.


big leap

Free Legal Advice Centre on Twitter!

We have recently set up a new Twitter account at – @FLACedinburgh. Regular updates from our Centre and articles from our website will be posted here. We will also be retweeting news from any endeavours we are taking on, including our fundraising for The Big Leap and also participation in the Edinburgh Legal Walk 2016. Follow us to keep up to date with the Free Legal Advice Centre!

FLAC Cover Photo

Join us in the Edinburgh Legal Walk 2016

legal walk 2016

The Edinburgh Legal Walk in aid of The Access to Justice Foundation will take place on Monday 10th October 2016 at 5pm. This event is a 10km walk across Edinburgh city centre and allows the teams to take in the city’s sights whilst fundraising for a worthy cause. The Access to Justice Foundation supports legal advice charities across the UK to assist with their work helping vulnerable people who are in need of legal advice.


This walk is not only for the legal community as The Access to Justice Foundation are asking anyone who is interested to sign up and welcome friends, family, colleagues and even pets to come along to the Legal Walk on Monday 10th October 2016. Teams can be of anyone size and there is no registration fee, merely the encouragement to fundraise for the cause. The walk will begin from The Old Quad at Edinburgh Law School, South Bridge. To find out more about the event, please email Sian McGee at The Access to Justice Foundation.


The Free Legal Advice Centre have signed up to this annual event and are rounding up students and staff to join the team to raise as much as possible for The Access to Justice Foundation. The Centre is dedicated to providing an access to justice to the local community within Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife and have been taking part in this event for a number of years. We are encouraging upcoming students who are about to embark on the Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Legal Practice at the University of Edinburgh to show their interest of joining our team by emailing the Free Legal Advice Centre. We are fundraising for both The Access to Justice Foundation and also our own Free Legal Advice Centre. We are welcoming donations which can be made at our fundraising page.


All of us at The Free Legal Advice Centre are looking forward to Monday 10th October 2016 to take part in The Edinburgh Legal Walk!



Our Successes over 2015/2016


  • 134 cases taken on.
  • Range of legal areas covered, with the most popular including Property Law, Family Law and Employment Law.
  • Examples of areas of law we advised on:
    • Copyright
    • Personal injury
    • Medical negligence
    • Civil court procedure
    • Estate planning
    • Intellectual property
    • Landlold/Tenant disputes
  • Supervising solicitors from over 30 legal firms across Edinburgh providing their knowledge and expertise.



  • 91% of clients surveyed would recommend the Free Legal Advice Centre to friends and family.
  • Client survey feedback included:

Excellent service all round.

– Mr G, Edinburgh

Very fair. Thank you, a good service to the public.

– Mr S, Edinburgh

Free and reliable service as part of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Law.

– Mrs G, Edinburgh


We would like to thank all of our clients, students and supervising solicitors for supporting our service over this year.

We will be reopening at the start of the new academic year in September 2016. Appointment bookings will recommence in the middle of September, with our first appointment slots taking place on Monday 3rd October 2016.


FLAC Profile Image

Fundraising for the Free Legal Advice Centre

2016 saw the introduction of The Big Leap at the University of Edinburgh, with students and staff across the university using the extra day from the leap year to take on a challenge and achieve things that are out of the ordinary. The Free Legal Advice Centre signed up to this challenge and the Fundraising Coordinator helped to organise a variety of events to raise money for the Centre. Our fundraising commenced with a Burns Supper for the students taking part in the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice and who volunteer at the Free Legal Advice Centre. The students then became greatly involved in the fundraising and took part in bake sales, raffles and part of the proceeds of their Diploma ball also went towards the Centre’s fundraising.


Rebecca Samaras, the ECPLS Director, and Kerry Trewern, the Deputy Director of the ECPLS, are also taking part in The Big Leap by signing up to abseil off the David Hume Tower at the University of Edinburgh. This outstanding challenge will take place on Sunday 18th September 2016 in which they are both waiting in anticipation for. To sponsor our team in this fundraising event, please see our JustGiving page in aid of The Free Legal Advice Centre.


The 2015/2016 Student Committee has been extremely successful with their fundraising for the Free Legal Advice Centre with hundreds being raised from The Big Leap initiative so far, with further fundraising efforts continuing into the next academic year.


big leap