Student Committee & Operations Team


Each year student representatives are selected from the University of Edinburgh Diploma in Professional Legal Practice student cohort to comprise a Student Committee and an Operations Team.


Student Committee

The Student Committee perform a number of functions, including:

  • Fundraising for the Centre to make sure the work can continue and new projects can be introduced.
  • Help to decide and implement the direction of the Centre, alongside the Board, which consists of distinguished individuals from the legal profession itself.
  • Work closely with the staff of the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice to make sure that the Centre works for both clients and all students who are involved.


Operations Team

The Operations Team deals with:

  • Administration of the Centre, both during the week to make appointments, and on the Monday evenings in which we hold interviews.
  • Smooth running of cases and client interviews.
  • Case file management.
  • Supervising Solicitors – ensure they have everything necessary for interviews and cases.

These will be the individuals you’ll meet on the night of your appointment with your Student Adviser and Supervising Solicitor, and will make sure everything is in order before you are seen.