The Big Leap Abseil Completed

The Big Leap Abseil took place on Sunday 18th September and our team of Rebecca Samaras (ECPLS Director), Katy Hood (Free Legal Advice Centre Administrator) and David Murphy (Previous Student Director of the Free Legal Advice Centre) took on this challenge!


What better way to spend a Sunday morning than getting strapped into a harness, climbing up to the 14th floor of the David Hume Tower and taking that big step off the side of a building! The team met bright and early, full of nerves and excitement, to sign in and meet the Big Leap team to find out more about the challenge ahead of them. With several familiar faces in the crowd, and even a banner of support, the team took the lift to the top of the building. Much like Noah’s Ark, the abseilers went two at a time to climb the scaffolding to the edge of the building. With introductions and words of encouragement from the professional abseiling team and the commentator, we built up our courage to lean back, straighten out our legs and step off the ledge.


Thankfully it was a pleasant morning in George Square with the weather holding out for us as we walked our way down the building (without looking down!). Rebecca was the first brave abseiler in the team, and even done a wee twirl on the way down to have a look at all of the supporters on the ground level!


Next up was Katy and David. With our final good lucks to each other at the top, we nervously leapt down and walked down the building. David being the braver of the two was effortlessly leaping down, with a double handed wave to everyone half way through, and with the adrenaline pumping Katy started to quickly shuffle down. Just over two minutes later and we were at the bottom, pale-faced and very relieved!


Together with Simone Duffy at the Edinburgh Law School, we have raised over £1,000 for the Free Legal Advice Centre. We are still warmly welcoming donations at our JustGiving page. Thank you to everyone who has donated to our cause and came along on the morning to support us. All of the funds raised will go towards the Free Legal Advice Centre to help us continue to provide legal advice and assistance the local community of Edinburgh.










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